Descriptions for Individuals

Kalva - (Cal-vah) Hunter, Used to self-describe or describe an animal that is an excellent/natural born hunter. Generally the best hunter of a tribe or group.


Ceyis - (Say-is) Gatherer, Used to self-describe or describe an animal that is an excellent/natural born gatherer or finder of goods/foods/items. Generally  the best gatherer of a tribe or group.


Kaeno - (Kay-no) Protector, Used to self-describe or describe an animal that is an excellent/natural born   guard/defender/nester. Generally the best guard of a tribe or group.


Lirya - (Leer-ee-yah) Occultist, Used to self-describe or describe an animal that is an excellent/natural born magic         user, or primarily uses magic as a means to fight, hunt, and  communicate. Generally the best magic-user or user of a certain element of a group.


Vensae - (Vehn-say) Care-taker. Used to describe or self-describe an animal that is an excellent/natural born care-taker of young species, or protector of dens/territory. Generally the best Vensae of a group, or a respected parent.


Larcu - (Lar-koo) Traitor, Describes an animal that has been exiled from another tribe or is exiled by a majority of animals for bad deeds.


Enshva - (En-sh-vah) Loyal, Describes an animal held to high regard in a tribe, normally used to describe those who have passed on to the next life, or used to describe a species that is allied with another. (ex. Raptor are an Enshva species for the Felis)


Kelta - (Kell-tah) Leader, Used to self-describe or describe an animal that is an excellent/natural born leader. Generally used for a leader of an Enshva tribe, as Larcu is the general term for a leader of an enemy tribe- the leader is not recognized for their leadership as an insult.


Coruunti - (Koh-run-tee) Traveler, Used to self-describe or describe an animal that doesn't join tribes. Usually a loner or group of loners (The plural and singular form are the same). Coruunti can also be used to describe tribes that regularly caravan.


Mayva - (May-vah) Mate / Significant Other. Literally means " fruit of hard labor" as love is believed to be a fruit that only grows with the hard work of two individuals. Despite this definition, an animal could have many Mayva if in love.


Ehkni - (Ekk-nee) Individual without a mate. Does not mean the animal is or isn't looking, only means they are without a significant other. In animal culture it's considered bad luck to be on a hunt with an ehkni, and often only mated animals are allowed to hunt= as they have the blessings of two families at their disposal instead of only one.


Ghirre - (Jeer) A veteran of war. Veterans are often considered in high regard., even to outsiders and enemy tribes- you could become Larvu just by disrespecting any Ghirre.

Caravan - Tribes that do not have a set territory and regularly travel. Can be familial or regular tribes, and groups of traveling loners.


Carnasin - Traditionally or non-traditionally carnivorous/insectivorous/piscivorous members of a species.


Predasin - Cannibalistic members of a species. Primarily exiled or Larcu tribes.


Detrisin - Traditionally or non-traditionally herbivorous/detrivorous members of a species.


Omnisin - Traditionally or non-traditionally omnivorous members of a species. Aside from eating habits, Omnisin tribes contain two or more species, and are allowed to eat whatever they please- but must refrain from eating one another or anything the group disapproves of.


Voct - Always hostile tribe, defends territory heavily from outsiders and may even kill them.


Semc - Always friendly tribe. Shares and allows safe passage for all through territory, usually for trade. Can sometimes protect outsiders from environment or any Voct tribes.


Terms for Species' Behavior