Uniform Rearing is done by two parents of different gender or status. This is considered the most unorganized form of rearing, and isn't regularly practiced in Primordial. The efficiency of Uniform Rearing lies in that there are two different parents of different abilities, status, and upbringings to give the offspring the widest view of the world, as well as experience with differeing genders/statuses. The reason it's atypical is that in a pack with two leaders who are in a Uniform Rearing, the pack is without one strong leader everytime one of them must care for the young. In the case that one parent dies, the pack and the young are in a compromising position.


Sole Rearing is when one parent of any gender or status is responsible for the upbringing of young. Sole Rearing is as uncommon as Uniform, and is often not done by choice. Sole Rearing puts the young in a situation where if the parent dies or leaves, they are vulnerable and often die. The pup's world views rely heavily on the world views of the parent, limiting their take on new experiences. Sole Rearing makes the young extremely close and loving with their parent, and if destined for failure, can ruin the young's future close personal relationships in the event of death.


Binary Rearing is the rearing of young with two parents of same gender and/or status. This is a very common rearing method in packs who wish to have young inherit their status in the pack. Binary Rearings have two parents who see eye-to-eye more often than not, meaning less chances of splitting/pup abandonment. Binary parents often share the same rank in a Tribe, such as both Alpha or both hunters. This increases their expertise in these areas and starts the young off on a good foot in becoming advanced in these fields compared to other young outside of a Binary Rearing. The downside of Binary Rearing is that their world-view is limited to the caste and experience of their parents, and the young may have a tough time relating to others as an adult.



Descendant Rearing is when young are raised in a group primarily of other young. Without adult parental figures, the young group together and can sometimes form a society. In Descendant Rearing, all young are considered equal amongst eachother, with no real ranking or differentiation between them. Young raised this way fear adults and concepts of adulthood, choosing to live young in their mind as they physically mature. Without a mature take on the world, superstitions and myth are treated as fact, as the young have a hard time grasping concepts that don't give an immediate reaction.


Militant Rearing is the rearing of young with three main parents. Two of which of the same gender or rank, and one that differs in gender/rank. An example would be two male Alphas and a non-male Delta, or an Alpha and Alphess with a female Hunter. Militant and Attendant rearings often refer to the stronger status side as the 'Lead' and the weaker status side as the 'Follow'. A Lead's main focus is on their tribe and their duties, outside of tribes the Lead will protect their territory and do most of the hunting. The Follow's job is to tag with the young, keeping a close eye and instilling any lessons the Lead wishes for them to learn. Militant and Attendant rearings are very popular as they hardly have ill-effects. A young pup reared this way is incredibly social, but may have a hard time being alone.



Attendant Rearing is the rearing of young with two parents of the same gender or status and one parent of a high status/differing gender. This Rearing method is often for busy high-ranks who cannot properly rear a child alone, or more commonly for young who cannot be raised by their blood-related parents for whatever reason. In the case of the latter, these Rearings often turn Binary. The higher ranking parent is still referred to as the 'Lead', and the two lower ranks as the 'Follow'. The Follows watch and do most of the rearing just as in a Militant group, and the Lead, who is focused on their duties, will often step in to instill a lesson, or sometimes not at all. Attendant Reared young rarely build a connection with their Lead, and this tends to grow into insecurity and distrust issues as an adult.




Faction Rearing is a popular rearing method that involves young being parented by four or more parents of differing status and gender. This method works best in tribes where only certain members are allowed to have young, or when young-bearing isn't very successful within a group. This single child, or few children, connect with all members of the group as their parents, and learn as many skills as possible. The young may or may not excel at one single skill, but end up more well-rounded in what they can accomplish alone. They also tend to grow up with a large ego, are stubborn, expect to be waited on hand and foot, and have a hard time making personal connections with others.