As the Gods of the World worked in harmony under the rules of the Seraphs, a dark evil had awoken in Primordial, desperate to take power from the Gods and give it to any who was hungry for it. This evil created the Occults, an event that had put Primordial as a whole into the darker perspective of the Seraphs. The Seraphs could not destroy this evil, only creating more Gods to attempt to wipe it out. Centuries had passed as the evil could not be found, seemingly to have disappeared- but the Occults remained.


The Occults are a blessing put upon any mortal being to gain magical influence over the world- good or bad.

There are three main occults; Fire, Water, and Nature. Originally it was assumed that the place that an individual was born, or the occult of the ones around them would determine what they were blessed with- but nurture has as much a part of it as nature. Blessings by the Occult took power slowly, it would sometimes be years, if ever, before an individual could even channel this power.  To shorten this time, travelling to the creation site of the Occults would determine if you were ready to bear this power.


Your occult cannot be chosen, which is why it is so special. It comes to you once you realize your own true potential, and will remain with you until you perish. Using the occult's power does drain the overall energy of the user however, so it's use is limited. This may make it a gambit, and an individual may choose to hide their occult, using their element's power as a surprise that the enemy may not be expecting.


The Occult's strength is greater than that of any physical power, and without limits- any individual of any element could destroy everything. It's believed by those against the Occult that this power chips away at the life force of the creature who channels it, as death has occurred to those who have over-exerted themselves. It's not uncommon to see individuals of any species without the Occult's blessing, convinced that their lives would be longer without having to ever channel it's energy.